Covenant church is a community of believers who are rising to new life in Jesus.

We strive to let an old, broken and sinful way of life die so that the new life of Jesus can grow within us.

The language might sound a little odd the first time through, but it comes from the Bible which teaches that God wants to pull us out of an old selfish, sinful and going-nowhere kind of life and breathe into us a life that is selfless, vital and joyful. Though we haven’t achieved it, we press on for that kind of life.

This new life bursts into everything we do and everything we are. To make the most of this life and to ensure that we overlook no opportunities for spiritual development, organize around four main pillars: worship, discipleship, fellowship and mission. Each of these pillars are supported by our elders or deacons.


On Sundays at 10:00am, we gather to pray, sing, and hear a message that is deeply rooted in the Bible and addresses the questions you are asking today. We take time to visit with old friends and meet new ones. There is nursery for the youngest children and Sunday school for kids up to grade 5.


An old Hebrew blessing goes: “May you be covered in the dust of your Rabbi.” Disciples used to follow their rabbi (teacher) on ancient dusty roads, listening and learning and becoming more and more like him. Walking closely with Jesus, we want to be covered in His dust.


People who have received the love of God become more able to love one another. The way we see it, fellowship includes pastoral care for one another, gathering for a meal or a game night at church, meeting for a coffee when someone simply needs to be heard.


God is on a mission: He seeks to put all things in their proper order, all ruled by Jesus. We are graciously included in this mission; we join in the work of setting things right by teaching about Jesus and working with our denomination and other partners.


There are certain business matters that every organization must address. An admin assistant and volunteers look after the building, manage our finances and look after the business of the church.